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Pot contract awarded in Kent County, location unknown

After years of waiting, downstate medical marijuana patients will have a nearby option to pick up their pot, but neither state nor company officials will release its location.
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Markell in a Clinton White House? Signs begin to emerge

After nearly eight years as governor, speculation as to what Jack Markell (D) will do after leaving office is beginning to simmer. The rumor mill is even more active now that Markell has hit the road in recent weeks as a surrogate for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. Delaware Public Media’s political reporter James Dawson takes a closer look at could be next for the soon-to-be ex-governor.
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via New Castle County Police Department

Friday marks one year since Jeremy McDole  - a 28-year-old wheelchair bound African-American man - was shot and killed by four Wilmington police officers.

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The skies above Dover will soon be abuzz with more airplanes. One of Dover Air Force Base’s main runways will reopen Friday after a year and half of repairs.  

Photo courtesy: Tri-State Bird Rescue & Research

Thousands of migrating raptors can be seen flying over the First State over the next couple months and Delaware’s Division of Fish & Wildlife is trying to tally them as best as it can.

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The Delaware Supreme Court will hear arguments about whether or not to convert the sentences of men on death row to life in prison before the end of the year.

Both recreational and competitive cyclists are set to saddle up and ride the 10 miles between Delaware City and New Castle for the River Towns Ride and Festival.

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Newark police say they were sending a message when they cited nearly 180 people over the weekend for underage drinking at a house party near University of Delaware.

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Posting on social media boosts the ability to remember past events, according to a new study from Cornell University.

University of Delaware neuroscientist Amy Griffin from the department of psychological and brain sciences says from her own research, memories get stronger the more times they are activated. She said documenting events in real time on social media offers another opportunity to strengthen a memory.

The state's upgraded disaster management website PrepareDE is now up and running .


Delaware’s Community Emergency Response Teams Program Manager Marny McLee said the site is more user-friendly, with added health information on topics like Zika virus and the flu.



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The First State will get more than initially expected out of the $6.8 billion merger between Exelon Corp and Delmarva Power owner Pepco Holdings.

Delaware will receive an additional $27.1 million from the new company - the largest utility company in the country . 

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Nearly 250 young people with disabilities have enrolled in a state program to connect them with a job, which state officials are calling a success.