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Gov. Carney extinguishes talk of new funding for high-poverty schools

In a blow to Wilmington education activists, Gov. John Carney (D) says there’s no money this year to better fund high-poverty schools.

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Researchers examine how smell attracts fish to reefs

Fish can tell by the way a coral reef smells whether or not it’s the perfect home for them, and University of Delaware researchers want to learn more about how that works.

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Delawareans’ Powerball dreams burst last night. After weeks with no winning numbers, a lucky ticket was sold in the Hoosier State.


The $403 million jackpot ballooned to $435 million on Wednesday before the evening drawing.

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A Republican State Senator is offering a plan to hire more correctional officers and make starting their salaries more competitive.  

The move comes after an inmate uprising at the James T. Vaughn Correctional Center this month that left one correctional officer dead.

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With all inmates housed in Building C the night of the deadly hostage crisis earlier this month still considered suspects by state police, the Delaware public defender’s office says it could be strapped for lawyers.

Supplied by Katie Goerger / Delaware Center for the Inland Bays

Delaware’s Center for the Inland Bays and the Department of Health and Social Services' Stockley Center are working to reduce stormwater runoff into Cow Bridge Branch.

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It is technically winter, but barbeque weather is on the way to the First State. The National Weather Service said we could see near record highs the rest of this week.

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New Castle County Police are still searching for a man they believe kidnapped and sexually assaulted two women in separate incidents over the course of a week.



Brandywine Counseling

Last year – lawmakers approved expansion of the state’s syringe exchange program. That expansion is now underway in Kent and Sussex counties.

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The Delmarva Peninsula lies under the Atlantic Migratory flyway, a path waterfowl migrate through. As Europe deals with recent outbreaks of a severe strain of Avian Influenza, some local poultry growers worry that just one infected bird passing through the region could contaminate and kill whole flocks of chickens.


That’s why poultry growers across Delmarva take precautions to avoid the possibility of the virus traveling from outside of the farm to the respiratory systems of their chickens. And research is being done that could help farmers better understand waterfowl patterns so they can prepare for when the virus surfaces.


After no winning tickets were claimed this past weekend, the Powerball jackpot has ballooned to $403 million.

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The warden in charge at James T. Vaughn Correctional Center during a 19-hour hostage situation that left one correctional officer dead is now on paid administrative leave indefinitely.