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State snowplow drivers: Give us hazard pay

A team of DelDOT snowplow drivers packed into the agency’s budget hearing Thursday, calling on state lawmakers to award them hazard pay during extreme weather events.
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LIGO Laboratory

A local physicist reacts to the discovery of gravitational waves

Physicists announced the discovery of gravitational waves on Thursday, validating Albert Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Einstein predicted the existence of these ripples in the fabric of spacetime a hundred years ago. If confirmed, this finding would be a major step forward in learning more about the nature of our universe.
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Delaware became the ninth state in the country to officially apologize for slavery Wednesday.


Gov. Jack Markell (D) signed the apology resolution at the Delaware Public Archives, coinciding with the unveiling of its Black History Month exhibit.

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With Bernie Sanders and Donald Trump coming out on top in Tuesday's first-in-the-nation New Hampshire presidential primary, Delaware's Republican party is feeling optimistic.


"It's awesome," says state GOP chair Charlie Copeland. "I'm having a great time, and I'm really looking forward to the election."

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DelDOT says Monday night's storm didn't hit as hard as expected -- but they still saw some flooding on coastal roads in Southern Delaware.


The first case of the Zika virus in Delaware has been confirmed.

State public health officials say it's in an adult woman who is not pregnant and who contracted the mosquito-borne virus while traveling.

Delaware State University, NMFS Permit No. 16507-01

Local scientists have started developing a daily fishing forecast that could help Mid-Atlantic fishermen avoid catching the endangered Atlantic sturgeon.

Over the next few years, First State high schoolers won’t have to include standardized test scores when applying to the University of Delaware.

For many families, college tuition can be a budget buster. That’s why the relative affordability of an in-state education can be so appealing. But the University of Delaware and Delaware State University can’t accommodate every field of study. So does that mean an aspiring Delaware actress would have to switch out drama for say, a business degree?


Wilmington City Council members excoriated police officials Monday night over what they see as a lack of progress in tangible efforts to stem the tide of violence seen in recent years.


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On the heels of a historic winter storm in January, coastal Delaware is bracing for more flooding and snow accumulation into Tuesday -- and officials say some beaches haven't fully recovered yet.

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Gov. Jack Markell (D) is nominating a judicial veteran to fill a hole in Delaware’s Chancery Court.