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Delaware Department of Agriculture

Delaware preserves more farmland than past few years

Delaware is protecting more than 3,000 acres of agricultural land from development in its latest round of farmland preservation. That’s largest number of acres preserved in the past three years.

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Delaware Historical Society

Wilmington piano maker Charles Trute has history locally, abroad

Last month, Delaware Public Media began highlighting objects of the month from the Delaware Historical Society’s collection.

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Courtesy of U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service, Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge.


This Memorial Day, people are flocking to beaches across America, but Prime Hook National Wildlife Refuge won’t be one of them. 




Delaware State Parks

First State Heritage Park in Dover is celebrating Memorial Day by taking a look at Delaware’s History.

Courtesy Delaware Fish and Wildlife

As spring turns into summer, it's the start of white-tailed deer fawning season. Each year Delaware's Division of Environmental Controls gets calls from people thinking they have found ‘abandoned’ fawns. More than likely the young deer aren't abandoned at all; their mothers are out foraging for food. 

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At the old Claymont Steel site in northern New Castle County, some 425 acres of land sits empty and derelict, dotted with piles of brick and the rusting remnants of the Evraz steelworks that operated there until it closed in December 2013.

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The anticipated blossoming of charter schools near Wilmington’s Rodney Square hasn’t worked out quite as envisioned, but four city charters say they’re thriving as they deepen their downtown roots.

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New Castle County recently announced new measures to address vacant housing. County Executive Matt Meyer signed legislation allowing the county to register vacant properties if the owner fails to register them – and imposes additional penalties and fees for vacancy.


It’s part of a broader county strategy that includes prioritizing rapid rehabilitation and resale of vacant properties, streamlining the Sheriff sale process


Delaware Public Media’s Megan Pauly sat down with Meyer to discuss these efforts and what impact he hopes they’ll have.



A federally funded housing program has been helping Delaware expand the supply of affordable housing for low-income residents since the early 1990s.

James Morrison / Delaware Public Media

On summer holidays like Memorial Day, beaches can get pretty crowded. Now, to ease the congestion, Rehoboth Beach has banned tents, canopies and barbecues.

And while these restrictions may please some beach goers, they’re frustrating for a few business owners who think tourists may take their gear -and their wallets- elsewhere.

Katie Peikes / Delaware Public Media

A team from Middletown’s Everett Meredith Middle School is sending minnows into space.


They’re one of 11 teams whose experiment was selected to go into orbit as part of a national competition in which students design an experiment to test in Earth’s orbit.



Downstate medical marijuana patients now have a dispensary closer to home.