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A Republican state senator was infuriated Wednesday when an imam read from the Quran to open the session.

An exhibit opening this week at the Delaware Division of the Arts Mezzanine Gallery draws viewers into the volcanic power of fused glass.

Starting this week, doctors in Delaware have new rules governing how they prescribe opiates.


The regulations are designed to curb opiate addiction, and apply to both chronic and short-term pain management.  


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The Delaware Photographic Society’s 84th annual Wilmington International Exhibition of Photography (WIEP) is underway, and the exhibit includes photography from a number of First State locals.

Delaware Department of Agriculture

Surveys from the U.S. Department of Agriculture predict Delaware’s principal crops, including corn and soybeans, will occupy more than 400,000 acres of Delaware farmland this year.


Often used as chicken feed, corn and soybeans help drive Delaware’s robust poultry industry.

Kieran Hunt / Wikimedia Commons

More Atlantic white cedar trees will soon be growing in Delaware’s Ponders Tract as part of an effort to turn the former plantation into a more diverse forest.


The Nature Conservancy and 18 volunteers planted 600 Atlantic white cedar seedlings at the Ponders Tract in Ellendale last week.


The Atlantic White Cedar is an evergreen species. It’s native in Atlantic border states from Maine to Florida.


Delaware Public Media

First State businesses would no longer be able to ask for someone’s salary history during the hiring process under a new bill.

Courtesy of Trump campaign

President Trump has proposed an 18% cut in federal funding to state Departments of Human and Social Services agencies across the country.

By Jericho [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

The pay gap between men and women in Delaware is one of the smallest in the nation. But it still accounts for billions of dollars of lost earning power every year.

Courtesy Delaware State University

The Claude E. Phillips Herbarium on the campus of Delaware State University is the backdrop for a group painting session.