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Eileen Smith Dallabrida has written for Delaware Public Media since 2010.  She's also written for USA Today, National Geographic Traveler, the Christian Science Monitor and many other news outlets. She was national runner-up for the Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) award for her work with the Gannett New Jersey group. She is a trustee of Market Street Music, a group dedicated to celebrating the arts in Wilmington, and a champion of the television quiz show Jeopardy! She lives and writes in Wilmington.

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A decade after the housing bubble burst, home sales are buoyant with some parts of the First State experiencing the most exuberant spring in 40 years.

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Malls were once a shoping staple, but many are now struggling and forced to reimagine themselves.

In Delaware, the Concord Mall in North Wilmington and Dover Mall are among those that may need to make big changes to survive.

Contributor Eileen Dallabrida took a look at where those malls fit into the landscape.

Vernell Brown strides purposefully to class at the University of Pennsylvania, where he is working toward a degree in public health.

At 52, he is more than 30 years older than his classmates. It has been 34 years since his first shot at an Ivy League education was derailed by drugs and alcohol.

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It wasn’t long ago Delaware led the nation in the number of women who got pregnant by accident, in particular teenagers.  Today, the state’s teen pregnancy rate is the lowest it’s been in three decades.   Eileen Dallabrida examine the role long-acting, reversible contraception - or LARC - is playing in that decline.

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Private club across the country have been in decline for decades.

But there are still some locally trying to buck those trends, including the University and Whist Club in Wilmington.  The club, which has roots reaching back to the late 1800’s,  is trying to reinvigorate itself under new ownership.

Delaware Public Media contributor Eileen Dallabrida looks at those efforts in her latest piece and for this week’s Enlighten Me stopped by The Green to discuss what she learned.

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Long before the towering mansion on Broom Street in Wilmington became the University & Whist Club, it’s owner proposed it as the site of another august group: the U.S. Capitol, where the fledgling nation’s Congress would meet.

Dr. James Tilton was himself Delaware’s congressman. A hero of the Revolutionary War, he crossed the Delaware with George Washington and became the nation’s first Surgeon General. The granite slab he used for autopsies is still in the basement of the club’s headquarters, historically known as the Tilton Mansion.

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As Jeanmarie Braddock prepares her back-to-school shopping list for her two young children, she scours newspaper circulars and mailings for the best deals. This year, she also will consult a Facebook page for mothers who live in North Wilmington.

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JulieAnne Cross went shopping for a summer rental at the beach with a very specific wish list.

First, the house has to be suitable for two households as she and her family planned to share the property with friends. There must be enough parking to accommodate multiple cars. It has to be pedestrian friendly, within walking distance of the beach, shops and restaurants.

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Home sales are on the rise in New Castle and Kent counties, buoyed by entry-level buyers and empty nesters who are snapping up one-story properties.

Meanwhile, the Sussex County market experienced a rare lull in the first quarter. And across the board, homes in the $500,000-plus range are finding fewer takers.

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Christiana Fashion Center, a destination for new-to-the-market retailers, is now attracting some familiar marquees, with at least one big box store relocating to a larger space in the bustling regional shopping hub.