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BVSPCA is looking to start a rescue and rehab center

May 5, 2018

The Brandywine Valley SPCA is looking to purchase an abandoned animal shelter in Sussex County.

The Safe Haven Animal Sanctuary in Georgetown closed its doors in 2013. The BVSPCA intends to buy the building and use it as rescue and rehab center for behaviorally challenged animals—both from their other locations, and from shelters across the country who would otherwise euthanize the animals.

CEO Adam Lamb says this is part of continuing efforts to improve upon the BVSPCA’s 96% live release rate.

“Now we are starting to focus on the harder work, which is the behaviorally challenged dogs, and we currently do not have a lot of extra space to allow those animals to have that extra time—which could be somewhere between six to eight weeks,” said Lamb.

The Georgetown location has indoor-outdoor runs; which Lamb says are ideal for training behaviorally challenged dogs who could then be put up for adoption at other locations.

“It’s also going to be closed to the public. So it’s going to offer a safe place for these animals to recover and offer that 24-7 care that they need,” said Lamb.

The BVSPCA is seeking donations from the public to purchase the building at auction.