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Christiana Care recognized for investment in technology

Jul 29, 2016

Christiana Care has been recognized as one of the most technologically innovative health systems in the nation.

The American Hospital Association deemed it a “2016 Most Wired Hospital” this week for its use of practices like telemedicine and real-time biometric monitoring.   

Senior Vice President of Innovation for Christiana Care, Randy Gaboriault, said people will always have physical relationships with doctors, but they may soon have instant access to round-the-clock caregivers in their homes.     

“If you ever need a caregiver 24-7 you press this button on the iPad, so at two o’clock in the morning you’ve got a question about a med that you can’t remember -do I take this pill or that pill?- or you’re just not feeling well, these people are on the ready,” Gaboriault said.

Christiana’s investment in technology is designed to decrease cost and increase access to care, according to Gaboriault. 

It’s also part of an industry-wide shift towards outcome-based care.

This new concept seeks to lower the overall cost of healthcare in America by helping people stay healthier.