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Delmarva Power and DelDOT help with Hurricane Irma cleanup

Sep 11, 2017

Crews from Delaware are heading to Florida to help with Hurricane Irma clean up efforts.

Workers plan to help restore electricity to millions of Floridians and help clear roads of debris.

Hurricane Irma swept through most of Florida this weekend, causing downed trees, power lines and sending thousands into shelters before weakening into a tropical storm.

Delmarva Power is sending a crew of 45 people to help Florida Power and Light restore electricity across the state. FPL's website shows more 4 million residents are without power.

Nick Morici, a senior communications specialist with Delmarva Power, said Florida Power and Light will tell the crew where it’s needed most.

“So, we go down there with a contingent of folks that includes line workers, safety and support personnel," he said. "So, when we go there and if we’re assigned a certain area for pole replacement or to restring power lines, we have those folks in place who have the skills necessary to complete that job.”

Morici said Florida Power and Light sent workers to help restore power after Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and now they’re returning the favor.

“One utility company that’s not impacted or affected by a certain storm will typically come out at the request of that host utility to assist with potential power restoration," he said. "That way, they’re at their ready and they make sure they can provide a strong, safe service to the customer.”

DelDOT is sending a crew to help with Hurricane Irma road clean up. Members of the Delaware National Guard went to Texas to help with Hurricane Harvey late last month - and last week local Guard officials said they stood ready to deploy to Florida - if needed.