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First Saturday explores WWI in the First State

Mar 28, 2017

April marks the 100th anniversary of the United State's entry into World War I. First State Heritage Park in Dover is explores Delaware’s entry into the “war to end all wars.”

America would never be the same after early April 1917, when the U.S. entered the war. First Saturday events on The Green will turn back the clock a century to see what it was like for Delawareans as the country entered the conflict.

"Because, believe it or not, many Americans and Delawareans were not in favor of the U.S. entering the war," First State Heritage Park Superintendent Sarah Zimmerman said.

Once in the fight, though, many in the First State rallied around the warship U.S.S Delaware. 

"What I find cool about this battleship is that the people of Delaware really adopted it," Zimmerman said. 

The Old State House will explore the U.S.S. Delaware’s role in the First World War and the commemorative items that many in the First State collected.

The John Bell House will be turned into a newspaper office for “War on The Front Page,” exploring both sides, for and against, entering the war effort.

The Delaware Public Archives will present “The War to End All Wars,” taking a look at why America supported the allies in the first place.

The Johnson Victrola Museum will showcase WWI-era music, and explore how the Victrola factory itself was converted into weapons manufacturing for the conflict.

The events take place on The Green in Dover Saturday April 1.