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First State gas prices up slightly again

Mar 12, 2017

First State drivers saw another slight increase at the gas pump last week

AAA Mid-Atlantic says the average cost of a gallon of regular rose two cents over the past seven days – from $2.22 to $2.24.

The price is now up six cents over the past month.

But you can still find some significantly lower prices around New Castle County where reports nearly a dozen stations are charging $2.09 or less.  

And the gap between what motorists are paying now and what they paid a year ago is shrinking - a year ago the average price for a gallon of regular stood at $1.85.

AAA says steady crude oil prices has helped keep the price increases to a minimum, but seasonal refinery maintenance and the switch to summer blend gasoline will likely reverse this trend in the coming weeks.

The national average currently sits at $2.30.