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Gas prices in Delaware still rising, but less dramatically

Sep 10, 2017

First State gas prices have started to stabilize a bit.


AAA Mid-Atlantic says the average price for a gallon of regular Sunday was $2.69, up just two cents from a week ago.  That small uptick follows a 47-cent surge in Delaware the week before in the wake of Hurricane Harvey’s impact on Gulf Coast oil refinery production.

AAA says some of the refineries along the Gulf Coast are coming back online following Harvey.  That’s good news.  But AAA notes potential delivery delays due to Hurricane Irma could continue to put pressure on prices.

The $2.69 average in the First State remains the lowest in the region.  The price is four cents higher in South Jersey, 5 cents higher in Maryland and 21 cents higher in Philadelphia and its suburbs..

But drivers locally are paying two cents more that the national average, which stands at $2.67, and 59 cents more than a year ago when the price in Delaware stood at $2.10.