Delaware Public Media

Gas prices drop in First State

Mar 19, 2017

Delaware drivers got their first break at the gas pump in over a month last week.

AAA Mid-Atlantic reports the average cost of a gallon of regular slipped two over the past seven days – from $2.24 to $2.22.

And reports there are still nearly a dozen stations around New Castle County are charging $2.09 or less.

But motorists locally are still paying significantly more that a year ago at this time – when the price stood at $1.88.

AAA says last week’s drop in price may only be a temporary reprieve.

It notes that declining crude oil prices and a well-supplied market could drive prices slightly lower, but seasonal refinery maintenance and the switch to summer blend gasoline will likely start pushing prices slowly higher as we move further into spring.

The national average currently sits at $2.29.