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Glass exhibit smoulders and simmers at Mezzanine Gallery

Apr 5, 2017

An exhibit opening this week at the Delaware Division of the Arts Mezzanine Gallery draws viewers into the volcanic power of fused glass.

For Caldera, Artist Marcie Tauber uses flat sheets of glass that are molded into deep, brightly colored cauldron-like shapes.

"The whole process will take 10-14 days from start to finish," Tauber said, not taking into account any finishing work. 

Each piece can take up to two weeks to complete, which means Caldera represents over a year’s worth of work.

It takes white-hot heat, 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit, to create the deep blue, green and orange bowls found in Caldera.

Heat like that is fitting for a show that borrows its name from something so fierce.

"In nature a caldera is a cauldron like depression that was formed by a volcano. So that’s the name we came up with for the bowls that were in the show."

It’s on display April 7-28 at the Delaware Division of the Arts Mezzanine Gallery in Wilmington.