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Gov. Carney creates group to seek cost savings in state gov't

Feb 16, 2017

Gov. John Carney is tapping his cabinet members and others to analyze how to most effectively spend taxpayer money.

In another move to try to prune government spending, Carney created a permanent group to monitor state agencies and make sure they’re investing in programs that work.


State projections show a $350 million shortfall for next year that’s expected to rise in subsequent years barring any moves to rein in perennial budget busters like education growth and Medicaid.


“If we don’t do that and if we don’t address some of the issues around healthcare and the larger drivers of spending growth then we’re going to constantly have this budget deficit and a structural problem that will haunt us year in and year out,” said Carney, who signed an executive order creatng


One concrete idea Carney is floating is consolidating back office operations for school districts – and potentially merging districts.


In 2015, a bipartisan group found several tax rates that needed to be tweaked higher or lower to be more responsive to the economy, but lawmakers largely ignored the report.


In addition to various cabinet heads, the Government Efficiency and Accountability Review Board (GEAR) will also include the Chief Justice of the Delaware Supreme Court, the State Treasurer, and a representative from both the state workers' union and business community appointed by the governor.


This new group’s first report is due May 1st.