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Indictment in fatal Vaughn uprising expected in 90 days

Aug 7, 2017

The state Department of Justice may be moving closer to announcing charges in the fatal prison uprising at Vaughn Correctional Center in Smyrna last February, but they aren't imminent.

Six months after the riot that resulted in the death of correctional officer Lt. Stephen Floyd, Delaware Department of Justice says it will likely present an indictment to a New Castle County grand jury for its consideration in the next 90 days.

Delaware DOJ would not comment further on a possible indictment.  In a statement, it says it remains committed to a "thorough, complete, and professional investigation" to make sure those responsible are held accountable – adding this investigation has presented "unique challenges," including the fact many witnesses are inmates.

Lt. Floyd’s widow and other employees held hostage during the siege have filed their own lawsuit in the case.  

And an independent review of the riot released in early June pointed to a lack of properly trained staff, and poorly implemented policies as some of the factors in that led to the uprising.


At the time that report was released – Gov. John Carney said he was “disappointed” criminal charges hadn’t been filed yet.