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Local orchestra students travel to New York to play at Carnegie Hall concert

Apr 9, 2017

Sunday, a group of local high school orchestra students are headed to New York. They’re playing in Carnegie Hall on Monday.

Brandywine School District high school orchestra director Anita Pisano knew she wanted to take the group on a trip – and wanted to see where her students wanted to go.


“One of the students I was really close with, said more than anything she wanted to go to Carnegie Hall," Pisano said. " She was half joking because she didn’t think we could possibly go.”


Pisano looked into it, sent in an audition tape – and they were accepted.


It’s the first road trip for orchestra students. The district’s orchestra class was only formed two years ago. Before that, it was combined with band, and Pisano would have to pull out students from other classes to work with them.


One student headed to New York is 10th grader Isaiah May. He’s been playing cello since third grade.


“None of us have really performed in a place that big before," May said. "And for it to be two days, I’m excited to be going to NY and stuff because I’ve never spent two days in New York.”


Pisano knows how valuable this opportunity is. She performed at Carnegie Hall when she was in college.


“Bringing that feeling to them is so exciting," Pisano said.


Before performing, the students also get a taste of New York culture with stops at Rockefeller Center and a visit Aladdin on Broadway, complete with a backstage tour.