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New labor contract for Wilmington police

Nov 8, 2017

The City of Wilmington and its Police Department’s union have settled on a new four-year labor contract.

The agreement gives rank and file officers in Wilmington a 2% pay raise each year over fiscal years 2018 through 2020.  That will place a starting police salary at more than $51 thousand a year in 2018.


But the deal reduces vacation time by four days, placing approximately two additional officers on each patrol shift.


The Fraternal Order of Police also agreed to increase the amount its members pay for healthcare. Officers currently pay an average of 4.9% of their total annual premium. That number is set to go up to 12%, in addition to a $100 increased copay for ER visits. This is part of an effort to rein in the city’s rising health care cost.


In a statement, Chief of Police Robert J. Tracy commended Mayor Purzycki’s decision to make police salaries a priority, saying, “This contract provides wages that are more comparable to neighboring police agencies.”

The contract was approved by the union at a meeting Tuesday night.