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Phase 3 of Route 141 Centre Road project starts Monday

Mar 9, 2018

The Route 141 Centre Road Rehabilitation Project resumes Monday and New Castle County commuters will need to be ready.


Phase 3 of the project will replace failing concrete on 141 and the Route 52/Kennett Pike interchange ramps.

DelDOT community relations director C.R. McLeod says it will have a significant impact.

“We’ll be first starting on the northbound lanes of 141; this is a section of about 1.4 miles of roadway but it is heavily trafficked for commuters and residents in the area. We’ll be closing both northbound lanes and putting a contraflow pattern in place on the southbound lanes which means there will be one southbound lane of traffic and one northbound lane of traffic in place while the contractor works to replace the current roadway,” McLeod said.

McLeod says the $17 million 141 project got underway in October 2017 with preliminary work to remove some of the existing median and do some prep work for the further phases of the project.  


“This is a $17 million dollar project and when the northbound lanes are finally completed this summer, the traffic will then be flipped over to the new northbound lanes so the same process can take place on the southbound lanes,” said McLeod.

And McLeod points out this will take time. When the northbound lanes are completed this summer, he says the traffic will be flipped over to the new northbound lanes so similar work can be done on the southbound lanes. That work will continue into November.