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Record heat hits southern Delaware

May 18, 2017

Temperatures in the 90s rocked The First State yesterday, setting a new record in Georgetown. The National Weather Service says the hot weather will stick around through Friday.

Thermometers in Georgetown crested 94 degrees on Wednesday.

"That broke the daily record (91 degrees) that dates back to 1951," NWS Meteorologist Lance Franck said. "Generally our normal high (for this time of year) is around 74 degrees. So we’re running about 15-20 degrees above average." 

A tropical warm front moving through the Northeast has kept temperatures in the 90s this week. 

Franck said the heat should taper off this weekend. A cold front is forecast to bring temperatures down into the 70s for Saturday. 

The National Weather Service encourages people never to leave pets or children unattended in hot cars, stay hydrated if you are outside and keep an eye on elderly neighbors and loved ones.