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Regional 'makers' to showoff at Hagley

Mar 27, 2017

Innovators of all kinds, including woodworkers, artists, authors and brewers, will gather at Hagley Museum in Wilmington next month for the first annual Maker Fest.

"It’s kind of an intersection of do-it-yourselfers and the hacker culture. So it can range from people who do sculpting or metalworking to software engineers and authors," Hagley Marketing Manager Jessica Eisenbrey said. 

"Essentially the makers are going to be at the event and they’re going to be demonstrating their craft and what they do and how they do it."

The festival features more than 20 participants, from a Wilmington violin craftsman and an Ardentown chocolate company, to local distilleries and breweries, as well as artist demonstrations.

Hagley’s Maker Fest is Saturday April 29 at the museum in Wilmington.