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Sen. Coons calls on Trump to develop Syria strategy

Apr 10, 2017

Sen. Chris is calling on President Trump to develop a strategy to defeat ISIS if he plans additional military action in Syria.  


Delaware's junior senator said in a CNN interview this week that Trump’s missile attack on Syria last week was an appropriate response to President Bashar Al Assad’s chemical attack on civilians.  

But he added Trump needs to develop a clear strategy in Syria moving forward.


"Firing a bunch of cruise missiles may get you great bump in the polls. It may brush back Chinese President Ji Xinping and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. It may push back on Assad for a few weeks. But it’s not the same as a strategy,” Coons said. 


Coons said Trump’s strategy in Syria should focus on defeating ISIS, although he supports removing President Assad. 


Any plan should rely heavily on diplomacy and have a clear idea for what comes after removing ISIS or President Assad, according to Coons.


He also wants the president to enlist NATO allies before taking any additional military action in the Middle East, and he’s calling on Trump to involve Congress in the strategy by requesting an authorization for military force.