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State budget shortfall grows larger according to latest revenue estimate

Apr 18, 2017

Delaware’s budget shortfall continues to grow, now hovering just below $400 million for fiscal year 2018.

The Delaware Economic and Financial Advisory Council (DEFAC) lowered state revenue estimates again Monday.

DEFAC anticipates the state will bring in about $4.8 million less this year and $11 million less in 2018.

But the state did save about $6.5 million on the expenditure side, according to DEFAC’s latest report.

Taken all together, DEFAC’s latest forecast adds another $9.1 million to the state’s 2018 deficit, which stood at $386 million following last month’s meeting.  It now sits at $395 million.

The latest hit comes once again from declining corporate income tax revenue, which the panel dropped by another $14 million in 2017 and $15.8 million in 2018.  Those projected losses more than offset $14 million in anticipated gains in personal income tax revenue this year and next.

The additional bad news comes just weeks after Gov. Carney unveiled his $4.1 billion budget plan that seeks to address the deficit with an equal mix of tax hikes and spending cuts.  His plan would raise personal income tax rates between two-tenths and four-tenths of a percent while eliminating itemized deductions and boosting the standard deduction.  It also includes $37 million in education cuts, cutting 200 vacant jobs and trimming a property tax credit for senior.

DEFAC will update its revenue forecast again May 15th.