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Delaware Public Media Political Reporter James Dawson covers the state's General Assembly each and every day lawmakers are in session.  You can hear his in-depth reports on what's happening at Legislative Hall during both Morning Edition and All Things Considered. 

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Delaware’s legislative year ended in unprecedented fashion. Without a budget deal,  lawmakers blew past the June 30th deadline for passing a spending plan. A continuing resolution allowed them to come up with a compromise, combining increases in the realty transfer, alcohol and tobacco taxes to avoid Draconian cuts to education, health and social services and grants to non-profits, volunteer fire companies and others.

So how did the budget get to the finish line,  and what else did or did not get happen as the budget talks overshadowed almost everything at Legislative Hall. Political reporter James Dawson helps us to sort it out. 

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Advocates of legalizing recreational marijuana in Delaware aren’t taking the rest of the year off after the General Assembly gaveled out this week.

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A bill aiming to transform how Delaware schools approach school discipline didn’t reach the finish line this legislative session. But Senator Margaret Rose Henry says it will be back next year.

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After forging a new tax deal late Sunday night while operating under an unprecedented continuing budget resolution, Delaware lawmakers balanced their $4.1 billion spending plan through boosts to real estate, alcohol and tobacco taxes.


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Delaware lawmakers are entering into uncharted territory – funding government operations for another three days as they try to find common ground on a budget that’s so far eluded them.

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House Democrats tried unsuccessfully late Thursday night to ram through a bill restoring most of the cuts made to nonprofits – with a hike to the personal income tax imbedded in the proposal.

Arts groups worry about looming state budget cuts

Jun 29, 2017
Delaware Public Media

As state lawmakers try to hammer out a last minute budget deal, arts advocates are worried steep cuts could leave arts programs bare in the First State.

Social justice advocates are hoping a bill focused on pretrial prison reform squeaks through this legislative session. It already has House approval, and is waiting for a Senate vote.

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In the face of a standoff between Democrats and Republicans, state lawmakers gutted the entire portion of the budget dedicated to nonprofit grants as Friday's deadline looms.

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Republican lawmakers say they’re willing to blow past Delaware’s budget deadline this Friday if they can’t get a moratorium on prevailing wage for local governments and school districts over the next three years.