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Lawmakers returned from Easter break this week to find the budget shortfall they need to overcome got even larger while they were gone.  This month DEFAC revenue estimates pushed the deficit to 396 million dollars.  And that got people talking --- from state employees to GOP leadership.  And as our political reporter James Dawson has been reporting, they have some ideas they want Gov. John Carney and the Democratic majority at Leg Hall to hear.

We also saw this week a new proposal to clean up Delaware waterways and a somewhat surprising bill related to abortion.

Our James Dawson joins us now to talk about all of these topics.

About a month after Gov. John Carney (D-Delaware) released his proposed budget, Senate Republicans are offering their own take.

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After years of minimal pay raises, state employees rallied Tuesday to demand lawmakers give them their fair share, despite a tough budget year.

After years of work, backers of a clean water initiative will soon put their plan before state lawmakers, which could mean a new statewide tax levied on individuals and businesses alike.

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Two bills in the General Assembly are taking different approaches to offering more time off for new mothers and fathers who work for the state.

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If you’re looking at beach house rentals in Delaware, you may pay a bit more this summer depending on where you stay.

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Democrats are trying to extend childcare benefits to unemployed Delawareans under a new proposal in the General Assembly.

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The walls of Delaware Vapor are lined with hundreds of bottles of e-juice – liquid nicotine in any flavor you can imagine that you pour into a handheld machine.

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The insurance industry scored a win after lawmakers tabled a bill in a House committee that would’ve limited how they can calculate someone’s auto premiums.

After years of failed attempts, state senators signed off on a bill that would leave redrawing Delaware’s legislative lines in the hands of an independent commission.