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Delaware’s jobless rate continues to rise.

Unemployment in the First State was up again in August according to the state’s Department of Labor.

Delaware will get a bit more of the recently merged DowDuPont.

Company officials announced Tuesday seven additional businesses will move into the planned Specialty Products spinoff in Delaware.

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First State gas prices have started to stabilize a bit.


AAA Mid-Atlantic says the average price for a gallon of regular Sunday was $2.69, up just two cents from a week ago.  That small uptick follows a 47-cent surge in Delaware the week before in the wake of Hurricane Harvey’s impact on Gulf Coast oil refinery production.

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Online retail giant Amazon is planning to build a second North American headquarters, and the state of Delaware is among those bidding to be its home.

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Gov. John Carney signed legislation last week to accelerate broadband wireless internet access across the state.

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First State gas prices continue to spike in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.


AAA Mid-Atlantic says Harvey’s impact on Gulf Coast oil refinery production is pushing what motorists pay at pump even higher as the Labor Day weekend draws to a close.

The average price for a gallon of regular sat at $2.67 Sunday, up four cents from Saturday and a whopping 47 cents over the past week.

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The Labor Day weekend is wrapping up and with it the summer beach season.

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A new partnership is underway between the Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) and Project SEARCH; a high school transition program that works worldwide.  


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It’s Labor Day weekend  and just in time for the holiday - inflated gas prices.


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Gas prices continue to fluctuate across Delaware and the region this week and may head upward due to Hurricane - now Tropical Storm - Harvey.