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Gov. Jack Markell and other state officials are headed to Chile later this week to strengthen economic ties.

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Delaware drivers are still feeling the effect of Colonial Pipeline leak in Alabama.

AAA Mid-Atlantic reports the cost of a gallon of regular jumped another four cents over the past seven days – from $2.15 to $2.19.

That’s a 10-cent surge in the past two weeks since the pipeline was forced to close earlier this month.

The pipeline reopened Wednesday after repairs were completed – and AAA believes that will lead to prices retreating in the near future.

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Delaware's attorney general joined 35 other state attorneys general this week to file an antitrust lawsuit against the makers of the opioid addiction medication Suboxone.

After a year and a half of steadily plodding forward, Wilmington’s Creative District achieved a significant objective this week, as Philadelphia-based NextFab agreed to terms on a lease to locate a branch of its “Gym for Innovators” in a 10,000-square-foot horseshoe-shaped building at Fifth and Tatnall streets.

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A citywide initiative and a new loan program designed to benefit Market Street businesses should have positive impacts on developments in Wilmington’s Creative District, the first fairly soon and the other in a couple of years.

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The First State will get more than initially expected out of the $6.8 billion merger between Exelon Corp and Delmarva Power owner Pepco Holdings.

Delaware will receive an additional $27.1 million from the new company - the largest utility company in the country . 

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It didn’t take long for the break First State motorists got at the gas pump a week ago to disappear.

AAA Mid-Atlantic reports the cost of a gallon of regular jumped six cents over the past seven days – from $2.09 to $2.15 – wiping out the four cent drop the week before.

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Delaware’s seasonally adjusted unemployment rate kept steady at 4.3 percent for August.

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Jim Passwaters hasn't found a plant that he can't grow - a list that now includes hops.

Passwaters may have been the first man in Delaware to grow hops, the lovely green aromatic bud that makes beer into such a beloved beverage.

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Delaware drivers got a break at the gas pump for the first time in a month last week.

AAA Mid-Atlantic reports the cost of a gallon of regular dropped four cents over the past seven days – from $2.13 to $2.09.

That’s comes after a 20-cent increase over the previous month.

And the number of stations charging less than two dollars a gallon is on the rise again according to  Just over a dozen stations around the state selling a gallon of regular at a $1,.99 or less – mainly in new Castle County.