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Advocates for the poor are calling out the Trump administration for proposing new work requirements to low-income people getting public assistance.

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The tax plan passed by the U.S. House of Representatives Thursday could hurt low-income Delawareans’ ability to find affordable housing or own a home.

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The Delaware State Housing Authority is asking for $23 million in next year’s budget. That amount includes new money for the Strong Neighborhoods Housing Fund.

Delaware’s new home repair assistance initiative, the Statewide Emergency Repair Program (SERP), has received a National Council of State Housing Agencies 2017 Award for Program Excellence.

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Federal funding for many First State housing programs could vanish if Trump’s proposed budget is passed as is.

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Delawareans with homes in need of urgent fixes can get help through a new emergency repair program announced Tuesday.


The Milford Housing Development Corporation is launching a statewide rehabilitation program for emergency home issues, with help from $600,000 from the Delaware State Housing Authority.

State housing officials are looking to tempt landlords into renting to tenants enrolled in rental assistance programs in some of Delaware’s higher cost zip codes.

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State and local officials recognized some of the first visible impacts of small grants that are part of Dover's Downtown Development District Friday.