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The state representative pushing a bill to allow local school boards to raise taxes without a referendum says it’s part of his plan to ensure education is properly funded into the future.

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A bill that would allow local school boards to raise property taxes for operating funds based on inflation is looking for sponsors in the General Assembly


House unanimously passes military licensing bill

May 4, 2017
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National Guard and military reserve members in Delaware could soon apply their training to any state requirements in getting a professional license.

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Throughout his campaign last year - and here at the start of his term in office - Gov. John Carney emphasized the state’s Department of Education would look much different under his watch.  He's promised a shift from its regulatory role to a support role

What exactly that will look like is still a bit unclear, but we do know that the person in charge of making it happen is Carney’s choice for Education Secretary – former Indian River School District superintendent Susan Bunting.

Contributor Larry Nagengast spent time with Bunting recently to get some insight into what's next for DOE.

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Members of the Wilmington Education Improvement Commission will meet Tuesday (Feb. 28) to review a study on the financial impact of moving six schools in Wilmington from the Christina School District into the Red Clay Consolidated School District, kicking off the second year of their effort to improve the quality of educational services offered in the city’s fragmented public schools.

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Backers of the push to overhaul education in the City of Wilmington walked back a delay to revive the bill in Dover, which is now scheduled for a hearing Wednesday.


Legislative Update - Jan. 20, 2016

Jan 19, 2016

Some state lawmakers continue to push for campaign finance reform more than two years after a scathing report by a former Delaware Chief Justice found former and sitting state lawmakers skirting contribution laws.


Delaware Public Media’s James Dawson spoke with Rep. Earl Jaques about his efforts to boost allowable contributions to political parties and current limits parties can donate to candidates.



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Delaware’s campaign finance reporting system could get a makeover this year, while also potentially introducing more money into the state’s political races.


Opt-out bill still alive, returns to State Senate

Jun 23, 2015

The legislative rollercoaster that is the opt-out bill continues to ride the tracks with House lawmakers first defeating, then passing it back to the Senate for a second time.

In May, the House overwhelmingly approved the measure in its original form, which was only tailored to apply to the Smarter Balanced Assessment, based on Common Core standards.

But last week, state senators tacked on two amendments.  One would have it apply to any and all required tests.

Children with autism in Delaware could soon get new support in public schools under two new bills introduced Tuesday.

One bill would overhaul the existing Delaware Autism Program by hiring one specialist per 100 school children with the disorder and working with them in their home districts.