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Auto insurance companies would no longer be able to use a person’s age, credit score, marital status and other factors when calculating someone’s premiums under a new bill being considered by the General Assembly.

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Wilmington mayor Mike Purzycki says tax hikes and budget cuts are needed to avert what he calls a looming fiscal crisis in the state’s largest city.

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Sen. Chris Coons is praising a federal court for stopping President Trump’s revised travel ban from taking effect this week.  

He’s also bashing Trump’s newly-released budget proposal.

Speaking on CNN Thursday morning, Coons said it was unwise for the President to cut funding for foreign assistance and the State Department, while boosting defense spending.  


President Trump’s most recent travel ban has been temporarily halted - after a federal judge in Hawaii issued a nationwide temporary restraining order Wednesday night.  

Those with Special Immigrant Visas - like a family of four that arrived in Delaware late Monday night - were exempt from Trump’s second try at a refugee travel ban.

But as Delaware Public Media’s Megan Pauly tells us, the U.S. Government is running out of those visas.

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After nearly two months of Republicans holding up his nomination in the state Senate, Sean Garvin will be Delaware’s next top environmental official.

He was approved by the senate Wednesday 14-5 with some GOP support.

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Rep. John Kowalko (D-Newark South) is reviving his attempts to wrangle Delaware’s publicly affiliated universities under the state’s public records laws.

As a number of federal courts consider President Trump’s ban on immigrants from six majority Muslim countries - both of Delaware’s U.S. senators are joining a legislative effort to block his plan.

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Delaware correctional officers are giving politicians a month and a half to back a list of demands their union created in response to a hostage standoff last month that left one of their own dead.

University of Delaware

Former Vice President Joe Biden says he will use his new institute at University of Delaware to forge a new sense of bipartisanship across the country amid an era of “political carnage.”

Delaware Department of Agriculture

New Castle County Executive Matt Meyer has announced a plan to save the county $2.5 million on a farmland preservation deal.