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One state lawmaker is continuing her fight to give Delaware kids more access to after school programs.

A Delaware lawmaker introduced a bill this week that would make it easier to vote by mail.


Representative Earl Jaques (D -Glasgow) wants to remove language in the state constitution that requires voters show a valid excuse for obtaining an absentee ballot.


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Delaware’s Congressional delegation is among the chorus of lawmakers and interest groups raging against a House Republican alternative to Obamacare.

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Sen. Tom Carper (D) continues his protest against Scott Pruitt, the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency, after he staged a multi-hour floor debate contesting his confirmation last month.


The family of a dead correctional officer is looking for answers from state officials as to how he died and their response could spark a lawsuit.



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The leader of Delaware’s American Civil Liberties Union says President Trump’s revised travel ban is just as unconstitutional as its predecessor.  


Pennsylvania energy company PJM is rebooting its controversial Artificial Island utility transmission project seven months after suspending it.

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Delaware’s Black Caucus now has its first official headquarters location in Wilmington. It’s State Representative Stephanie Bolden’s childhood home, which she donated to the group.

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The highly-anticipated special election for the State Senate’s 10th District seat is over.

Democrat Stephanie Hansen won last Saturday, scoring a resounding victory over Republican John Marino and Libertarian Joseph Lanzendorfer.  Hansen drew 58 percent support, beating Marino by over 2,200 votes. And turnout was 35 percent – unheard of in a special election.

Hansen’s win in a race that drew national attention and over a million dollars in fundraising allows Democrats to maintain their nearly 4 decades hold on the state Senate with an 11-10 margin.  And Democrats nationally are hailing Hansen’s decisive win as the first salvo in their battle against President Trump’s agenda and Republicans hold in the White House and Congress.

Delaware Public Media political report James Dawson tracked this race from start to finish and his joins us this week to break down what it means.

Authors of a plan to detoxify Delaware’s waterways say they’re hoping to release their report later this month, which is expected to include a proposed statewide tax hike.