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In a blow to Wilmington education activists, Gov. John Carney (D) says there’s no money this year to better fund high-poverty schools.

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With all inmates housed in Building C the night of the deadly hostage crisis earlier this month still considered suspects by state police, the Delaware public defender’s office says it could be strapped for lawyers.

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Those on the left say they’re re-energized after a crushing defeat in last November’s presidential election while Republicans are trying to break the Democratic grip on state government in a contentious special election that's consumed northwestern Delaware.

State elections officials say there’s no evidence of campaign finance fraud or collusion on the Democrats’ side with just over a week left to go before a special election.

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While election season has been over for much of the country since November, Democrats and Republicans in the First State are batting in extra innings for control over the state Senate.

Lt. Gov. Bethany Hall-Long’s Middletown seat is up for grabs with three candidates vying for the chair.  Until it’s filled, the state Senate is deadlocked with 10 Republicans and 10 Democrats.  And its worth noting that the Democrats have held the legislature’s upper chamber for more than 40 years.

Our political reporter, James Dawson, interviewed all three candidates, Democrat Stephanie Hansen, Libertarian Joseph Lazendorfer and Republican John Marino.

Some Kent County voters head to the polls next month to fill a vacant Levy Court seat.  Two candidates are vying to replace Democrat Brad Eaby in the Second District, after Eaby decided to step down to take a job with the state. The special election to fill Eaby's seat is set for March 21.

Delaware Public Media’s James Morrison recently sat down with both candidates, Democrat Andrea Kreiner and Republican James Hosfelt to discuss the race and the issues they’re focused on. 

Kreiner was previously as policy advisor to former Gov. Ruth Minner, and currently owns and operates a sustainability-consulting firm in Dover.

Hosfelt currently sits on Dover City Council and is a former Dover police chief.

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Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt will be the new head of the Environmental Protection Agency even after an attempt by Sen. Tom Carper (D) to delay a confirmation vote.

Gov. John Carney is tapping his cabinet members and others to analyze how to most effectively spend taxpayer money.

Gov. John Carney (D) is appointing two former judges to lead an independent review of what sparked a prison hostage crisis earlier this month that left one correctional officer dead.

Thousands of scientists are calling on elected officials in Washington to protect their research from political influence. And Delaware’s two U.S. Senators have joined an effort to answer that call.