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A Wilmington charter school gave free desktop computers to parents last week, hoping to provide them with the resources to succeed in a world where those who don’t have proper access to technology are often at a disadvantage.

Courtesy of University of Delaware

Facebook is changing its news feed to show fewer posts from businesses and more posts from family and friends, leaving some Delaware marketing professionals wondering what they’ll need to do to continue reaching people on social media.

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Traditional state highway messages tell motorists to buckle up or to not text and drive, but Delaware’s Department of Transportation is taking a more lighthearted approach to road safety.

Delaware Innovation Space

The Delaware Innovation Space is getting a $3 million boost from the federal government. The Innovation Space is a non-profit facilitating science-based entrepreneurs who are trying to get their businesses off the ground.

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If you’re a parent or a teacher, you are probably very aware of the latest fad – fidget spinners.  


Haven’t heard of them?  Well, they are a small gadget you can spin between two fingers – then try to balance them on one finger or do other tricks. As they spin, you can hear a faint whirring noise.


They have grown in popularity at a dizzying rate, catching Delaware schools a bit flat-footed in deciding how to handle them. And complicating the issue was the claim by companies producing them that they are more than toys – that they are a therapeutic tool that can help kids with attention problems. 



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Less than a week after a Nor'easter swept through Delaware, two University of Delaware students were taking measurements of a beach with robots to understand how the storm changed the shape of the coast.


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Amazon expects to ship more than 50 million items to customers around the world on Cyber Monday alone, and one of the facilities helping the company meet those deal-driven demands is in Middletown.


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The manufacturing industry remains a key component of Delaware’s economy, bringing with it jobs, training and resources.

State and federal officials used National Manufacturing Day to highlight some of the industry’s strengths in the First State.

Several First State cities have been using data mapping systems to enhance communication and transparency between residents and the city government.

Two years into the use of a citywide Geographic Information System, City of Newark officials think communication is improving between residents and the municipality.

Katie Peikes / Delaware Public Media

The process for creating dentures or crowns is outdated, according to a trio of current and former University of Delaware students. They used a summer UD business program to begin pursuing a patent for a new method to quickly “cure”, or create molds for common dental needs.

Dentistry curing units take an average time of eight to 10 minutes to create a crown or denture mold.

UD senior entrepreneurship major Farhad Baqi said his brother Seyar and Edward Bayley, both recent UD grads, believe they have come up with a way to effectively cut down that time.