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Nutrients at the bottom of a pond allow for algae to grow, but when too much algae spreads across a pond, those nutrients become problematic.




Newark start-up Linne Industries has a solution to control algae bloom populations and mosquitos, ultimately improving water quality.

A beloved statue coming out of a Delaware artist’s studio is extending its short New York City visit into a year-long residency.

New York Mayor Bill de Blasio announced Monday the statue “Fearless Girl” will stay in the city’s financial district into 2018.

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Concerns remain as Delaware’s Department of Education works to finalize its Every Student Succeeds Act plan for the federal government.


Those concerns center on the proposed use of a 5-star system to rate schools.

New Castle County Police are investigating what appears to be four heroin-related overdose deaths in a span of five hours.


Hagley Museum and Library

Innovators of all kinds, including woodworkers, artists, authors and brewers, will gather at Hagley Museum in Wilmington next month for the first annual Maker Fest.

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First State gas prices dipped slightly again over the past week.

AAA Mid-Atlantic reports the average cost of a gallon of regular fell two cents over the past seven days – from $2.22 to $2.20.

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A bill to revive Delaware's death penalty will return this week backed by a bipartisan group of legislators with ties to law enforcement.

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Delaware’s Republican Party will see an overhaul of its executive team come April – including its chairman, Charlie Copeland.

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First State civil rights leaders continue to call for the U.S. Attorney General to investigate conditions at Delaware prisons.

But they are also applying pressure to Gov. Carney and other state officials.

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House Republicans and President Donald Trump failed to rally enough votes to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act earlier this afternoon, leaving Delaware's lone congresswoman elated.