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DEMA supports "Stop the Bleed" initiative

Feb 5, 2018

The Delaware Emergency Management Agency is teaming up with the U-S Department of Homeland Security to support the “Stop the Bleed” initiative.


The number one killer of injured patients, including those hurt during mass casualty events, is blood loss.

“Stop the Bleed” hopes to address that by making training and equipment available to help the average person become more prepared to help victims during an emergency.

DEMA spokesman Gary Laing says his agency is loaning out special kits from Homeland Security to public safety organizations and community groups.  Those kits can be used to show people how they can help.

“It’s a program where organizations and community groups that are having an event that might attract a large number of people can borrow the kit. It provides them with some basic first aid supplies in quantities, should there be an injury that is bleeding, they can stop the bleeding until professional help can arrive,” Laing said.

Kits are available by contacting DEMA.


“They’re really very simple. It’s a sling bag, kind of like a gym bag, and it has various items in it that can be used to stop bleeding. You would have in there:  gauze pads, a tourniquet, there’s a sharpie pen so you can make markings, such as what time you did something, that kind of thing, shears…..very simple items that could be used to stop bleeding until professional help arrives,” said Laing.

The “Stop the Bleed” the program was launched by the White House in

2015, in an effort to cultivate grassroots efforts to involve bystanders by providing training, equipment and the empowerment to help themselves and other victims and other victims in the event of an emergency.

Laing says if organizations request the “Stop the Bleed” bags, DEMA does have plans to expand the initiative.



You can request a “Stop the Bleed” kit for your event by calling DEMA.