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Grant deadline for crime reduction, community programs & projects approaches

Dec 11, 2017

The deadline for applications for grant money available from the Neighborhood Building Blocks Fund is just over a week away.

Attorney General Matt Denn and Delaware Division of Small Business, Development and Tourism announced the $1.3 million dollars in funds this past October:

“This is money that the State of Delaware obtained as a result of settlements with national banks that had engaged in misconduct in the financial markets several years ago. Some of the money has already been distributed in prior grant rounds by this Neighborhood Building Blocks Committee. And it’s gone for a variety of very positive things, said Denn.  

The fund has been awarding grants since 2015, supporting crime reduction, neighborhood revitalization and economic development programs statewide, with special emphasis on programs in and around downtown areas and neighborhoods. 

"(That's) included expanded police patrols, summer and after-school programs for youth, some housing opportunities in economically-impacted areas," said Denn.

Prior grants have also funded programs for released inmates to help reduce recidivism.

The application deadline is December 20th.  Grants are expected to be awarded early in 2018.

The application with the full list of purposes and requirements is available online.