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State Rep. Joseph Miro wants to lower the legal limit for driving under the influence in the First State.

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The task force studying legalizing recreational pot for adults Wednesday detailed a long list of outstanding concerns by interest groups.

Delaware reforms DUI court process

Jul 17, 2017
Delaware Public Media

A new law in Delaware is supposed to ease the strain misdemeanor Driving Under the Influence cases put on the justice system.


Delaware Office of Highway Safety

AAA Mid-Atlantic is concerned Delaware lawmakers may be speeding towards the legalization of recreational marijuana, and it’s just released poll results it hopes will make legislators pump the brakes.

DUI checkpoints planned statewide Saturday night

Oct 26, 2016
Delaware Office of Highway Safety


You may want to think twice before getting behind the wheel this Halloween weekend if you’ve been drinking.


Delaware’s Office of Highway Safety is holding five DUI checkpoints around the state this Saturday night. 

Delaware Public Media

The Delaware Office of Highway Safety (OHS)  announced it will expand its DUI enforcement program to include nearly 100 statewide officers.

DUI checkpoint set for New Year's Eve in NCCo

Dec 30, 2015
Delaware Public Media

As we approach the end of the year, Delaware law enforcement agencies continue to crack down on drunk driving.

First State nears 4,000 DUI arrests for the year

Dec 9, 2015
Delaware Public Media

The state’s Office of Highway Safety says there have now been almost 4,000 DUI arrests made in Delaware this year.  

Last week, 98 people in the First State were pulled over for Driving Under the Influence of alcohol or drugs. Three were arrested at DUI checkpoints in New Castle County.  

The arrests were made as part of “Checkpoint Strikeforce,” a regional sobriety checkpoint campaign aimed at arresting DUI offenders by using high visibility enforcement.  

Checkpoints net over 70 DUI arrests last week

Nov 20, 2015
Delaware Public Media

Police made 77 arrests for driving under the influence in Delaware last week. Four of those happened at a DUI checkpoint conducted by the New Castle County DUI Task Force and Delaware State Police.

Delaware Public Media

Delaware is six weeks into its 2015 DUI enforcement campaign -- with dozens of new arrests each week.

Police made 79 arrests for driving under the influence in Delaware last week. Seven of those happened at a DUI checkpoint -- the kind the state's been running every week now for the past six weeks.