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Indian River School District

The Indian River School District has named its new superintendent.  Acting superintendent Mark Steele is the choice to lead the district going forward.

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Concerns remain as Delaware’s Department of Education works to finalize its Every Student Succeeds Act plan for the federal government.


Those concerns center on the proposed use of a 5-star system to rate schools.

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Delaware high schools are seeing a decline in high school drop-outs, according to a report from the state Department of Education.


During the 2015-2016 school year, 547 of the state’s 40,000 public high school students dropped out - a 1.4 percent rate. That’s down from 2.2 percent the year before, and is the lowest dropout rate the First State has seen in over 30 years.


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The Christina School Board is taking a hard look at a policy designed to protect undocumented students.

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With the state’s $350 million budget crunch putting in jeopardy approval of the Wilmington Education Improvement Commission’s plan to improve opportunities for low-income students and English-language learners, a nearly-complete study of the proposal’s fiscal impact muddies the financial waters even further.

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Throughout his campaign last year - and here at the start of his term in office - Gov. John Carney emphasized the state’s Department of Education would look much different under his watch.  He's promised a shift from its regulatory role to a support role

What exactly that will look like is still a bit unclear, but we do know that the person in charge of making it happen is Carney’s choice for Education Secretary – former Indian River School District superintendent Susan Bunting.

Contributor Larry Nagengast spent time with Bunting recently to get some insight into what's next for DOE.

President Trump vowed last week to make Historically Black Colleges and Universities an “absolute priority” of his administration.


And now, HBCU leaders are calling on Trump to make funding for these schools a priority.


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Indian River School District’s second attempt to pass a tax referendum is successful.

The district’s plan to add $7.4 million to its operating budget was approved with relative ease – passing by a nearly 1,800 vote margin. The Department of Elections unofficial vote tally had 7,091 people voting for the referendum and 5,298 voting against.

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Indian River School District residents are being asked again to approve a tax referendum.

Last November, a tax hike designed to bring an additional $7.4 million to the district’s operating budget failed by a mere 30 votes.

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Governor John Carney addressed the Wilmington Education Improvement Commission Tuesday evening.