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New Castle County residents won’t see a tax increase next year under County Executive Matt Meyer’s proposed budget- but he is calling for an over $5 million in spending cuts to help cover a 13.8 million dollar shortfall.

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Delaware’s chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union is advising state law enforcement agencies they are not legally obligated to act as federal immigration officers.


Delawareans unable to make it to the polls on Election Day could see some relief under a new bill.

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A bill to revive Delaware's death penalty will return this week backed by a bipartisan group of legislators with ties to law enforcement.

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Delaware’s Republican Party will see an overhaul of its executive team come April – including its chairman, Charlie Copeland.

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House Republicans and President Donald Trump failed to rally enough votes to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act earlier this afternoon, leaving Delaware's lone congresswoman elated.

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Gov. John Carney unveiled his first budget – a $4.1 billion spending plan for 2018 that evenly splits tax hikes and cuts to try to fill in a projected $386 million revenue shortfall.

Carney says “shared sacrifice” was one of his primary guiding principles, making the drafting of the plan “an exercise in making very tough decisions.”

Political reporter James Dawson covered the budget roll-out and the initial reaction and joins us to sort out the winners and losers, as well as what’s next .

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It’s been an eventful week in the nation’s capital.

The House GOP’s proposal to repeal and replace Obamacare was unable to find the votes needed to pass in the Republican controlled House and was pulled by GOP leadership without a vote.

Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch faced marathon questioning from senators, including Sen. Chris Coons, at his conformation hearing.

And there’s been ongoing debate over President Trump’s proposed budget and the cuts it includes.

We sat down Friday morning with Sen. Tom Carper to discuss these issues.

(Note: this interview was conducted before the decision not to go forward with a House vote on American Health Care Act -AHCA)

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One Delaware state lawmaker is not giving up on his goal to make offshore wind farms a reality along the coast of Delaware.


State Rep. John Kowalko (D-Newark) has just returned from a trip to the United Kingdom, where he learned how that country became the world leader in wind energy.



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Delaware state lawmakers grilled a PJM vice president Thursday about the latest version of the company's controversial transmission pipeline project.